Business Information Anywhere

EXMobileBAM is the state of art of your tools. It´s a multi-platform application that allow report creation based on business indicators over an ansi database (Oracle, SQLServer, DB2, etc…). It fits any decision makers, such as managers, directors, chiefs in general with real time information, in an easy and fast mobile way. EXMobileBAM drivers reports and consolidate graphics in custom dashboards and alerts to monitor business markups over a decision process. It´s available in Android, iOS and Web platforms.

What is it?

EXMobileBAM is an application focused on decision process, driven for decision makers, which where every minute count. Like EXMobileDBA and EXMobileATG, uses the same WebService and grants real time information essential for great decisions.

Working Everywhere

If you can reach your database, in the same network by using VPN connection or through a WebService, you are able to monitor and interact with your database everywhere, with no bounderies.


This application is made for decision makers and people who´s looking for track and check business process, shaping data to drive a better decision.



After EXMobileDBA and EXMobileATG, we measured the value of fast and accurate information. Why can a decision maker not able to use it?
In a meeting, in a customer, in a middle of a deal, anywhere with internet access, a decision maker can check your data or charts, by querying it on a database, in real time.

Increase Productivity

With no power point, word or pdf documents, printed or not, a decision maker can check real time data, with no downtime, in his mobile device. Your reports are carefuly developed and reach a specific need previosly created.

Fast Decisions

With real time data available, the decision process is more accurate and fast.

Como funciona?


Your suite was designed regarding data access safety. WebService must be located in a safe environment. With a safe and encrypted conde, WebService connects directly to database.
All connections go through a WebService port, based on a user and password, to ensure security.

Design Interativo

This application was developed using Google´s best practices “Material Design”. Size of icons, colors, fonts were careful studied and the result was a clean, interactive, intuitive app.
At web version we got explaining text for each screen. For iOS, we adapt the app core to fit Apple´s “Material Design”.

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